Mission Statement

Over the past 15 years, I have played many roles. The lead in a musical, the background vocalist, songwriter, guitarist, arranger and the producer. In every performance or creative moment, I’ve pushed myself to be better. To open my heart and evolve my creative path. When I attended Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts and study performance and singing, I learned how important it is to be connected to the audience. But, to get there we needed to connect our voice to our bodies. Our voice is as direct as we can get to expressing our inner self. My goal is to help my students make that connection in a safe and positive environment, as well as tailoring each lesson to fit the individual’s need and process. The name VOCIE//BODY//SOUL represents the link between building their technique and finding their true inner voice. All levels welcome!


“I sing like I feel.”

~Ella Fitzgerald