A few reasons I believe music can save your soul and how I want to be apart of it.


Photo by Emma McIntyre


A few reasons I believe music can save your soul and how I want to be a part of it.

It was a gloomy Los Angeles morning back in May, those mornings are rare, but perfect for brainstorming. I reflected on my career and how much music has meant to me. Since moving to Los Angeles just over two years ago, I have found myself trying to find a deeper meaning to all of this. I spent a good chunk of my life chasing a career in music. I have been burned and beaten. I’ve also had moments that felt like they were in slow motion, because they were so good and exactly what I had been working towards. Would I say it was worth it? Yea! Mostly because music means everything to me. It is a higher form. I have felt this recently, more than ever. Maybe it’s the fact that I am growing older or that I have a clearer understanding about what it means to be fully alive in one’s life. Whatever it is, I have been awakened to a deeper meaning of the power of music.

In this recent flurry of self-awareness, I came up with the concept to pull together teachings of my training in voice and the professional lessons learnt. Coupling all of that with spiritual teachings. I’ve learnt a lot about meditation and being connected to myself and my surroundings since moving to Los Angeles. I have worked hard to focus a practice for myself to battle the intense ups and downs of this business and life in general. I noticed when I feel the most balanced is in meditation and when I’m singing/creating. Finding your voice, whatever that means to you, is finding freedom. My goal now is to bring that to my students. Not only gaining technique, you’ll be gaining self-awareness. I look forward to sharing my experience and what I’ve gained in this twisty, turning path of a creative life…and just living.


Finding your VOICE
Feeling it in your BODY
Freeing your SOUL


Much love,





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